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Alcohol addiction and alcoholism are serious problems that affect many residents in Davenport, FL. Because of the free use of alcohol in our society, it is something hard to tell when casual alcohol consumption has turned into an addiction. While there is nothing wrong with consuming alcohol on special occasions or sharing a bottle of wine with a friend, the problem of addiction is evident when an individual cannot control his alcohol consumption and continues drinking despite the consequences.

An individual addicted to alcohol in Davenport may be trying to cover up his problems or use alcohol to feel better or "happy". Unfortunately, by abusing alcohol he is only making his problems worse as his actions are self-destructive and they become dangerous to themselves and others.

Alcohol addiction and alcoholism can literally kill a person. So every day that goes by that someone addicted to alcohol in Davenport, Florida is not getting help, is one day closer to his total demise. It is important that someone abusing alcohol is aware of the help that is available at a Davenport Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center.

Treatment for alcohol addiction and alcoholism in Davenport is available for individuals who know that they cannot continue down the path of destruction that alcohol abuse has created. Alcohol Abuse Treatment Programs in Davenport offer counseling, peer support and the help of specialists to help the individual discover how they got into this mess, and how to get out and stay out of the cycle of addiction for good.

As part of treatment in Davenport, FL., individuals that experience withdrawal due to extensive alcohol abuse will be gotten through alcohol rehab/detoxification at an Alcoholism Treatment Facility. Withdrawal can be a painful and uncomfortable process, so getting help and guidance through withdrawal and detox is a much better option than the person attempting to endure this on their own.

Alcohol addiction treatment options are different from person to person; Examples of treatment options available in Davenport, Florida are Long-term Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs, Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Facilities, Short-term Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers, Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs, support group meetings, counseling, halfway houses and sober living.

Don't let alcohol addiction or alcoholism take one more day away from you or someone you care about. Contact a counselor in Davenport today and discover which Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation Program will be best for you or someone you care about today.

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  • Over time, excessive alcohol use can lead to the development of chronic diseases, neurological impairments and social problems. These include but are not limited to: Gastrointestinal problems, including pancreatitis and gastritis.
  • Those diagnosed as having Fetal Alcohol Syndrome had IQ scores ranging from 20-105 with a mean of 68. Subjects also demonstrated poor concentration and attention.
  • According to a recent survey, an estimated 62% of adult men reported drinking alcohol in the last 30 days and were more likely to binge drink than women (47%) during the same time period.
  • An estimated one in three 18-to-24-year-olds admitted to emergency rooms for serious injuries is under the influence of alcohol.
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